Dad’s and Pregnancy. What are your views??

Last week I was having an interesting conversation with another mommy where she shared that when she was pregnant she felt that her husband was not much involved or rather didn’t show much interest in helping with choosing nursery furniture, baby toys, clothes etc…. or even just showing an interest by suggesting things that pertained to the baby up until she confronted him about it…. … Continue reading Dad’s and Pregnancy. What are your views??

Which Travel System is the best?

Hi Lovelies I will not be taking up much of your time today. I was just going through emails and Jane from Kent wanted me to recommend the #best #travel #system. So I started thinking seeing as I am a first time mommy to be, my opinion maybe biased. I would however like to throw this question out to all you mothers out there please … Continue reading Which Travel System is the best?

Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ :(

Yesterday my funny clip of the day was one of those funny baby quotes pictures with the tag line that went a little something like “How do I put this, you will never sleep in again”. I cannot help but wonder did I jinx myself? Oh the sleepless night I have had is out of this world, I mean I’ve had previous sleepless nights before … Continue reading Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ 😦

50/50 – Hello and Welcome

In my native Country of Malawi the Chichewa word for pregnancy, ‘wa pakati’, can be translated to mean a 50-50 chance and rightly so where pregnancy is concerned or at least in my experience with pregnancy. Pregnancy is an interesting journey for most people. Some say it is almost like a roller-coaster ride where you either love it, hate it or are indifferent to it. … Continue reading 50/50 – Hello and Welcome