Oragnic Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

I have had many people requesting the shepherd’s pie recipe. It is not complicated just follow below; Filling 500g of Organic Lamb mince Small cup full of Organic peas small cup-full of diced Organic carrots Small cup full of swede 2 whole Red Organic onion diced 3 Organic garlic cloves finely chopped Half teaspoon of mixed herbs Fresh rosemary 2 sticks of Celery Quarter teaspoon … Continue reading Oragnic Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

My Love & Hate relationship with the Terrible Twos

Just a few thoughts, collections and observations I have noted and wanted to share with you all. I was sat here watching Didi play and began reminiscing about that sweet little baby of mine who knew nothing about tantrums and wondering where on earth did she disappear to. I am finding that dealing with the terrible twos is such a task and a half. Didi … Continue reading My Love & Hate relationship with the Terrible Twos