Planet Bounce Nottingham -Review #ad

I have sat on this review since last week as I was eager to put together visuals to go along with my written review, sadly, my video editor has been a major let down. However, better late than never. So, first things first, thanks to Planet Bounce for selecting and inviting Didi to appear in the toddler advert for their toddler inflatable bounce sessions. It … Continue reading Planet Bounce Nottingham -Review #ad


Two weeks ago a lovely parcel came through the post and when I opened it I was surprised with the amount of yummy goodness that was staring back at me. The #LOVECHINCHIN revolution had descended upon us in our house. For those of you who don’t know, Love Chin Chin is a very tasty West African sweet snack food sensation. I love the way the blend … Continue reading LOVE CHIN CHIN – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY #ad