Premature babies and Week 8 Immunisations!!!

So our DD finally had her first lot of the 5in1 Vaccines and the Rotavirus one too. It was so so sad watching her go through it especially seeing that big needle go into both her little legs (thighs) sob sob. Initially I was very torn about the process because not only is she a preemie but I really just couldn’t seem to want to … Continue reading Premature babies and Week 8 Immunisations!!!

Which diaper is better recommended??

Which #diaper is better recommended? #Cloth diapers, #Pampers or #Huggies just to name a few is the question that has been on my mind. As a first time mommy to be it can be very daunting reading all kinds of reviews, the good the bad and ugly too therefore getting confused in that maze. Talking to some mommy’s I noticed they were totally sold to … Continue reading Which diaper is better recommended??

Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ :(

Yesterday my funny clip of the day was one of those funny baby quotes pictures with the tag line that went a little something like “How do I put this, you will never sleep in again”. I cannot help but wonder did I jinx myself? Oh the sleepless night I have had is out of this world, I mean I’ve had previous sleepless nights before … Continue reading Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ 😦

Amusements of a Baby ;)

I am not aware if some of you like I get the musing muses of Baby world. As grown-up’s we always make assumptions as to what babies are thinking. So do babies really think like this? Ha ha ha. This morning a friend sent me a picture that really made me giggle and I couldn’t help but want to share with you all. Am I the only … Continue reading Amusements of a Baby 😉