‘Boobie Leaks’ Awkward!!

I can see few raised eyebrows just by the title of the post, but hey ho this is a mama to be’s diary, all access granted. Furthermore, seeing as this is the National Breast Cancer awareness month, what better topic to write about than ‘boobies’. Okay!! So, now that we have that cleared up can I please Just ask how much truth is too much … Continue reading ‘Boobie Leaks’ Awkward!!

50/50 – Hello and Welcome

In my native Country of Malawi the Chichewa word for pregnancy, ‘wa pakati’, can be translated to mean a 50-50 chance and rightly so where pregnancy is concerned or at least in my experience with pregnancy. Pregnancy is an interesting journey for most people. Some say it is almost like a roller-coaster ride where you either love it, hate it or are indifferent to it. … Continue reading 50/50 – Hello and Welcome