Mothers Day Is Almost Here

I don’t know if anyone gets excited about mothers day like I do. I mean, who can say no to that gorgeous homemade card from little princess Didi featuring Daddy and big squeezes aka cuddles. Whilst I enjoy all the beautiful  presents they usually spoil me with, the things I cherish most are the things that actually count – the effort they put into making that card, … Continue reading Mothers Day Is Almost Here

Getting Back To Me

I am only 3 Years into Motherhood and believe me when i say motherhood is progressive and it transforms you. I know we all have different stories as far as motherhood is concerned and for some its a walk in the park type of story. However, despite of the eye bags and the rough times that sometimes come with it, I wouldn’t change anything because its helped … Continue reading Getting Back To Me

When Your Dreams Are In Limbo

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about dreams and aspirations as we both burst out laughing out loud at the realisation that life like the heart has a mind of it’s own. Like seriously speaking, isn’t it funny how you can end up in a completely different place to where you thought you’d be? Mentally, physically and emotionally. Think about it, … Continue reading When Your Dreams Are In Limbo


When it comes to bath times, as parents we are either excited or dreading that strong willed character that will go into battle with you before you can get them into the bath. Well, after you’ve had a long day; the last thing you want is an uncooperative child. I’ve had great and not  so great moments with bath times and developed some habits that … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE BATH TIME FUN & MANAGEABLE

New Year, New Life and Much More Hope

It’s a New Hour and already time is a ticking bomb waiting to explode and before you can blink, sure enough it will be 2016. It’s a New Day and some say Hopes are new, but are they really? Let’s be honest now! We all have probably had new hopes every year for the past however many years we have lived yet somehow we just … Continue reading New Year, New Life and Much More Hope


I can not believe it! My little bumble bee’s 1st birthday is a few hours away {sniff, sniff}. It’s amazing and yet unbelievable how fast one year has flown by! It honestly does seem like yesterday that I was rocking her in my arms to sleep at night and now she’s almost walking. It has been a beautiful couple of months regardless of everything, watching … Continue reading THE BIG ONE

Busy little knocked out bee!!

Hi all. I’ve been out of touch with the blogosphere world these past two weeks as been busy enjoying birthday shenanigans and battling a silly cold but I’m back now. Glad to say little miss sunshine didn’t catch it, thank God. Anyway just wanted to touch base with you all. I hope your February has been awesome so far. Done some reading and research in … Continue reading Busy little knocked out bee!!

Dad’s and Pregnancy. What are your views??

Last week I was having an interesting conversation with another mommy where she shared that when she was pregnant she felt that her husband was not much involved or rather didn’t show much interest in helping with choosing nursery furniture, baby toys, clothes etc…. or even just showing an interest by suggesting things that pertained to the baby up until she confronted him about it…. … Continue reading Dad’s and Pregnancy. What are your views??

Milestone Baby Cards :) Yay

Okay so you can sense the excitement in my words I guess, although they say never try to read the tone in a text writing as it can be very deceiving. Well this time around if you sensed excitement, you sensed it right. This excitement all stems from these….. Milestone Baby Cards If you are anything like me it would mean you like to document … Continue reading Milestone Baby Cards 🙂 Yay

International Day of Rural Women October 15

A bit late with this one as International Day of Rural Women was two days ago. However I didn’t forget about it but rather was contemplating on how to talk about something I am dearly passionate about, which is the empowerment of women.  For my fellow women who may not be aware, here is a little background on International Day of Rural Women. ‘The first International Day … Continue reading International Day of Rural Women October 15