Chapter 4 of 12 IN 2018

It is very important to establish a mentor early on in your journey into entrepreneurship. I always tell clients to keep in mind that there is someone out there whose been on the journey they are about to embark on and that they do not have to travel this journey alone. By establishing a mentor-ship relationship, you save yourself the hassle of making avoidable mistakes … Continue reading Chapter 4 of 12 IN 2018

Chapter 3 of 12 IN 2018

How often do you feel like you’re going through life without any sense of direction? Do you ever feel like life is happening to you instead of you making your life happen? ​have you ever got to a place where you feel like you’re experiencing a series of unfortunate events and you have no control over anything? I have once been there and even more … Continue reading Chapter 3 of 12 IN 2018

Chapter 2 of 12 IN 2018

Hello Fellow mum and dad I just wanted to remind you that everything you can imagine is real! Step into your greatness. We are already at chapter 2 of 12 in the year 2018, don’t lose sight of the goal. You keep on soaring 🙂 Also a gentle reminder that dedication doesn’t have an off season, therefore it is very important to keep working hard but … Continue reading Chapter 2 of 12 IN 2018

Attachment Parenting Month :) Worth the read!!

As #October is #Attachment #Parenting #month I wanted to briefly share about attachment parenting and also to get your views on the matter but then I got to thinking of something even more better. I realised what better way to share about attachment parenting than talking to a fellow Momma, ex #social #worker, advocate and public speaker whom I respect and feel has enough experience and … Continue reading Attachment Parenting Month 🙂 Worth the read!!

Which diaper is better recommended??

Which #diaper is better recommended? #Cloth diapers, #Pampers or #Huggies just to name a few is the question that has been on my mind. As a first time mommy to be it can be very daunting reading all kinds of reviews, the good the bad and ugly too therefore getting confused in that maze. Talking to some mommy’s I noticed they were totally sold to … Continue reading Which diaper is better recommended??

Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ :(

Yesterday my funny clip of the day was one of those funny baby quotes pictures with the tag line that went a little something like “How do I put this, you will never sleep in again”. I cannot help but wonder did I jinx myself? Oh the sleepless night I have had is out of this world, I mean I’ve had previous sleepless nights before … Continue reading Oh but the Irony ‘Sleepless Nights’ 😦

International Day of Rural Women October 15

A bit late with this one as International Day of Rural Women was two days ago. However I didn’t forget about it but rather was contemplating on how to talk about something I am dearly passionate about, which is the empowerment of women.  For my fellow women who may not be aware, here is a little background on International Day of Rural Women. ‘The first International Day … Continue reading International Day of Rural Women October 15

Amusements of a Baby ;)

I am not aware if some of you like I get the musing muses of Baby world. As grown-up’s we always make assumptions as to what babies are thinking. So do babies really think like this? Ha ha ha. This morning a friend sent me a picture that really made me giggle and I couldn’t help but want to share with you all. Am I the only … Continue reading Amusements of a Baby 😉

‘Boobie Leaks’ Awkward!!

I can see few raised eyebrows just by the title of the post but hey ho this is a mommy’s diary all access granted and seeing as this is the National Breast Cancer awareness month what better to write about than ‘boobies’. Okay. So now that we have that cleared up, can I please Just ask how much truth is too much information? Or should … Continue reading ‘Boobie Leaks’ Awkward!!