Hello and welcome to The Mommy Diaries; Thanks for stopping by.

I am so glad you stopped by to find out a little bit more about who The Mommy Diaries is. I am Micah and I live in England with my family. I love writing and find it rather therapeutic. I have owned a few blogs over the years, that usually ended up being deleted (Something I now regret).

You may have seen me on TBN UK, SKY channel 582 and will more than likely see me pop up on there often, and maybe even presenting a talk show. My debut book Idea to Income is one you should probably get your hands on, and it was also featured on Texas based Author and Publishing extraordinaire Darren Palmers Podcast.

I am a wife to the lovely Mr D and Mummy to the most amazing little girl we call Didi. I love to blog about family, travel, food, wellness, lifestyle, review amazing products and a little bit of everything else. I also love to offer give-away’s to my awesome readers.

What makes me different?

In 2013, my husband and I found out we were pregnant and what a journey it was.  Our pregnancy journey was full of different trials and emotions, some of which you will read all throughout this blog. As you browse through this blog, you will notice that because we overcame, we are therefore able to blog here today. As you travel with me through my journey of mothering/parenting you will quickly notice that, The Mommy Diaries is not limited to mummy’s only. My mission is also to cater to daddies. The Mommy Diaries simply put, is a collection of interactions, thoughts and discoveries based around our journey into pregnancy, parenthood and life in general. I’m also a keen mumpreneur and you may see the odd few posts related to entrepreneurship.

Lastly, but not least;

I am happy to work with various brands, feel free to drop me and email.

I am very much an imperfect being and sometimes do get things wrong and this blog tells my journey through life…. I hope you like the concept and contents of The Mommy Diaries, feel free to drop me a line on mommydiariesofficial@gmail.com or my PA admin@mumpreneurunited.com

Be Blessed




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