Planet Bounce Nottingham -Review #ad

I have sat on this review since last week as I was eager to put together visuals to go along with my written review, sadly, my video editor has been a major let down. However, better late than never. So, first things first, thanks to Planet Bounce for selecting and inviting Didi to appear in the toddler advert for their toddler inflatable bounce sessions. It was such a pleasure to work with them and be a part of this shoot.

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was the warm and welcoming smiles both the receptionists had that day. We were welcomed, signed in and shown to our lockers. Once all that was sorted we made our way to the inflatable bouncers. Didi was absolutely excited, she jumped right in, explored and the camera shot away.

The staff all around were very helpful, the cafe space was clean and so were the toilets. I was quite impressed with how the staff were attentive towards all visitors on site and when the manager came up and began to chat with Didi and I, he entertained her for a little bit and had no idea we had been sent by head office for the shoot until later, which was fantastic because that let me know he is genuinely sincere and great at his job.

Nottingham City can sometimes be limited as far as entertainment for children is concerned, however knowing planet bounce is around is great for us and the many parents who testified to this effect. Planet Bounce is unique and definitely entertaining for children to partake in, even a grown up like myself and the other mummies and dads joined in the fun, bouncing away. I also noticed how great a place it was for mummies and daddies to relax and make friends with other adults whilst the children play.

We have experienced outdoor inflatable spaces and nothing big as Planet Bounce, this was our first time visiting an indoor inflatable this massive and I can say we will definitely be returning and rate it 5 star.

I encourage you to bring your little ones along if you haven’t already been, and you will be glad you came out.

On a side note: I’d like to commend Archie who shot the advert as he worked really well with both parents and children, look him up on Instagram if you need any video-graphy.





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