Chapter 4 of 12 IN 2018

It is very important to establish a mentor early on in your journey into entrepreneurship. I always tell clients to keep in mind that there is someone out there whose been on the journey they are about to embark on and that they do not have to travel this journey alone. By establishing a mentor-ship relationship, you save yourself the hassle of making avoidable mistakes that can be costly. As a mentor to my clients, my job is to guide them through some of the toughest challenges in this mumpreneurship journey and also to help them achieve advancement in sometimes complex environments.

However, not many people are lucky enough to easily access a mentor hence why i always tell fellow mums to grab mentor-ship opportunities by the horn and hold on. What many people fail to realise in this fast paced world of business is that you will face challenges.  It is important to have enablers who know the system and can help you move up the ladder in business.Mentor-ship is an important key component to both retaining and developing leads in business success.

It is a fact that Mumpreneurs who have a mentor to effectively help nurture their business advance faster and are more productive.

Make sure you invest time in finding an excellent mentor.

Much Love,


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