Okay so this blog post has been on and off for the past 2 Week’s due to unseen circumstances but better late than never.

Since I was a child I’ve always felt Moin Moin is one of those acquired taste type of dishes, not everyone takes on to it immidiately but if prepared right it is such a nice to die for protein rich dish.

My Aunty Janet used to loved making it and that is where I used to eat it. I absolutely enjoyed the way she prepared it with the boiled egg centre mmmmmh 😜 and accompanied by jollof rice and assorted meat or chicken and meat pie 😋


Anyway you get the picture right 😜 So, when I found out that Real African Food were expanding their range from #LoveChinChin to include #LoveMoinMoin etc the excitement was real.  They sent me a parcel full of yummy goodies to try out and review and I simply couldn’t wait.

I can’t fault the mix in anyway shape or form. I steamed it but made life difficult for myself lol 😂 half way through the steaming process it dawned on me I could have just used my steamer instead of what I did 👇below;


Anyway that was that but I absolutely enjoyed it and had DD taste it and she asked for a second round ☺️ For someone whose very fussy and doesn’t eat a lot, I was pleased about that.

So would I recommend the #RealAfricanFood and their new product #LoveMoinMoin, absolutely. 5/5

P.s if you need a yummy home cinema snack, not boring popcorn i’d Suggest you get your hands on Love Chin Chin. It is now available in family pack sizes 😉 like the one attached here, thank me later. 😘


Thank you for reading and make sure you get to your nearest Costco, Tesco and Asda and get some.

Live,Love, Laugh


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