Those who know me will tell you that I am very particular about the type of shoes I will let Didi wear. I am big on quality than quantity. So when we received  a parcel from George.Georgette, I couldn’t wait for Didi to try them because from the moment we opened the parcel, the quality was undeniable.

So before I even get to the actual shoe review itself, let us begin with the RAPID (yes in big letters) Rapid dispatch and how well packaged the shoes are. 1 000 000% Kudos

Even though I didn’t pay for the shoe as Didi was doing brand ambassador work, the shoes are very well thought out and excellently made. I’m particular about comfort and can i just say how much support and comfort comes with George.Georgette branded shoes. The insole lining is of excellent quality.

They are easy to order online and the shoes will arrive on time and you will be able to track them too.The price is a giveaway for the excellent quality.

Product: The whole line proposes mismatched shoes for kids (and one day, women!).

Our shoes do not exactly match but compliment one another, they are twins!

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What does it cost?
George.Georgette shoes are priced at $45.00 a pair.

Would we work with the brand again?
My personal opinion is a resounding YES and based on Didi’s reaction when she wears George.Georgette, I would say an absolute gazillion percent. They are so professional and quality is guaranteed. They are a brand we are not ashamed to be affiliated with and you too will not be disappointed.

What support is there?
Customer service is readily available and it is excellent. Any question that you may have about George.Georgette will be promptly answered.

Where can i buy them?

Follow this link GeorgeGeorgette.Com

Disclosure: Didi received a complimentary pair of George.Georgette to review. I have not been instructed what to write and this is my honest opinion.

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