When it comes to bath times, as parents we are either excited or dreading that strong willed character that will go into battle with you before you can get them into the bath. Well, after you’ve had a long day; the last thing you want is an uncooperative child.

I’ve had great and not  so great moments with bath times and developed some habits that seem to make bath time a whole lot smoother now, and I would like to share them with you. Before I begin to share these tips with you, I just want to say they will sound crazy till you try them.


Tip 1: Set the mood.

Whilst this may sound insane, it works. Toddlers like adults love a time to wind down, therefore soft/soothing instrumental lullabies work wonders. You are sending a message to their brain that it’s time to wind down and at this point you have already given them their supper and turned the TV off.

Tip 2: Run the bubble bath together

Getting your little helper involved in this process is very good because they feel valued and look forward to that bath. get your little one to help you pour the bubble bath into the tub. The more you do things together, the happier everyone will be.

Tip 3: Make it fun

Yes always find ways to make bath time fun. You can play counting ducks which will help improve their numerical skills. You can play the colour game by using children’s bath bombs that come in different colours or you can just let loose and let them play with bowls and pour the water on themselves. There are plenty of fun ideas.

Tip 4: Stick to the routine

We are our own enemies. Yes, we let ourselves down but not sticking to routine.   We have to stick to the routine so that it becomes engraved in our children’s lives because only then will it become a norm. If you have someone to help you with bath times I.e husband, partner, parents or siblings try and get them to help you so you are not worn out.

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