Mummy’s, Your Dreams Are Valid!

Many are the dreams we dream about at childhood without ever considering the many
moments of PAUSE we may have to encounter along the way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those moments as long as you do not let them become a permanent destination. One of the greatest blessings of PAUSE in life is motherhood, however with motherhood also comes many responsibilities that can then cause us to forget the many dreams we envisioned for ourselves as children growing up.

But, I am here to say no matter how long it may take; never ever let your dreams die just because you are a mummy. Always keep working at them because they are valid. Which nicely brings me this story of a beautiful soul Sarah Teibo, a fellow mummy whose inspiring story I would like to briefly share with you all.

This Mummy Can!

Since the independent release of her debut single ‘Steal My Joy’ in 2015, Sarah Teibo has grown from her roots in the Gospel scene to be one of the UK’s most inspiring songwriters. Her music has offered a positive message that has touched the hearts of audiences worldwide. As well as co-headlining a concert with STELLAR Award nominee Lisa McClendon, Sarah has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the UK’s biggest Gospel Artists such as Lurine Cato and Noel Robinson. Debuted at Number 2 on the UK Christian Charts in December 2015 and also bagged two nominations for ‘Best Newcomer’ with Premier Gospel Awards and GXMM Awards in 2016.

With all this said, “Who says mums’ can’t chase their dreams too?”

A mantra she as a Mum and Singer/Songwriter holds dear is “There is never a better time to start than now. Chase after your dreams until they become reality”

Thinking about her mantra quickly has me thinking of one of my favourite songs;

“Keep the dream alive don’t let it die
If something deep inside keeps inspiring you to try, don’t stop
And never give up, don’t ever give up on you

Sometimes life can place a stumbling block in your way
But you’re gotta keep the faith, bring what’s deep inside your heart yeah your
Heart to the light
And never give up Don’t ever give up on you” Yolanda Adams

Rewinding back to her early teenage years where her family was faced with eviction and homelessness, Sarah learnt the importance of faith in God and started writing music to express both her fears and her faith. These proved a great source of strength through the most trying of times. Especially through a sour experience of miscarrying two babies barely six months apart, at very early stages of pregnancy.

“I had doubts, questions, fears, was depressed and utterly broken. pain and disappointment made me search deep and I learnt that regardless of how my life turns out, regardless of whatever I get or don’t get, I must still keep the faith and trust in God. Regardless! This birthed the song ‘Keep The Faith’. I kept the faith and now have a 3-year-old gorgeous girl to show for it!”

Sarah describes her two children as her biggest inspiration and fans, and takes great pride in being a Mother and Artist.

Becoming a Mother does not make you invalid, as a matter of fact you are more than RELEVANT. Sarah faced with all the obstacles she has had to overcome could have easily thrown in the towel, but instead pressed on towards her dreams and goals.

She shares some of her thoughts about Motherhood and Music when asked:

1. Why did you decide to be a singer?

“I have always loved music, being influenced by my mom’s rich taste in classic Soul and R&B. I almost

feel like I didn’t choose music, music chose me”

2. What is it like being a mother and singer?

“It is quite difficult sometimes. Juggling work, kids, hubby, my other businesses and music can be challenging and very time consuming but I enjoy what I do, so that makes it less burdensome”

3. Was there anything that hindered you from pursuing your career?

“Having been brought up in a strict Nigerian home where academic excellence is of pertinence, I had to put music on the back burner until I had completed my studies. Though this delayed my music career, it has positively influenced my career in music because I bring a lot of professionalism to everything I do in music.”

4. How do you balance being a mum and singer?

I’ve learnt over time, the importance of delegation. I tried doing it all by myself – from house-hold chores to managing my music – and learnt very quickly that if I failed to delegate some key tasks, I could wear myself out.

On weekdays Sarah sees bright and early mornings with the children, and rises early for performances on the weekend; so her song ‘New Day’ is an encouragement for herself and career mums. The song is lifted from the debut album ‘Walk With Me’ released in May 2016. It can be described as a ‘pick-me-up song in the morning’, and perfect for a theme song for TV shows and Radio.

Discussing New Day, Sarah said “’New Day’ is about waking up in the morning and being inspired to go out and do what you’ve purposed in your heart to do with God’s help. It’s a song that inspires me – and I pray it inspires the listeners as well – to chase after my dreams, despite yesterday’s setbacks.”

Please don’t forget to support our fellow mummy and also to share her inspiring story with other mums who need to be encouraged.

check out her music here:

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Love and Blessings


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