The True Price of Beauty – Kendra Wilkinson


In the world of social media filled with vultures ready to gauge out your eye at any chance, it takes courage to bare your vulnerabilities and expose them to the world. It is never an easy thing to do especially when you can easily be torn apart to shreds  with no mercy.

Being pregnant is such a beautiful experience that comes with lots of insecurities post baby, and the last thing you would expect is for someone who has media eyes on her to bare herself in such an unapologetic manner.

Over the weekend, #Kendra #Wilkinson for me, I would say broke the Internet for posting the reality she is working with on her Instagram: wearing just a sports bra while showing off her bare post baby belly I simply was left in awe.

I honestly leaped for joy when I saw this, because weight and body image is such a real struggle for many women including myself. To see her bare herself in that manner, something I believe the likes of #Kim #Kardashian would not glorify was just absolutely GLORIOUS and a majestic moment.

I use Kim Kardashian as an example because the two times she has given birth, she has glorified perfection as if it comes cheap. Many forget that not every woman can afford a personal trainer surgery and etc and don’t get me wrong I love that Kim K can bounce back to her pre baby body just like that via exercise and healthy eating. Kudos to her..

But when people like her start to glorify the attainment of perfection as though the many other women struggling with body image are not doing enough then it becomes a problem.

I have to honestly give it up to Kendra for representing for the average woman, whose struggle is real. Her humanness has hopefully opened doors for dialogue into the realities and struggles of the everyday working mum.

I love the fact that she is showing the world that contrary to popular belief or illusions of Hollywood, glamorous mums also have another side to them that the everyday mums can relate to without feeling the pressure to always be perfect.



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