Potty Training Simplified Yay!!!


I cannot believe how I completely forgot to share such a huge milestone….. So one day a couple of weeks ago, I woke up and decided that I was ready to potty train my #LO as she had been showing signs of readiness for a long while yet I was just being lazy to follow through.

Now believe me when I say that I know #potty #training is not an easy thing at all for anyone nor everyone and I won’t even try to judge anyone or pretend its easy just because but it took a day for my little girl to grasp the concept of it all.

We started out with going for a #pee in the morning, I literally just had a skirt on her to make life easy for her instead of fitted clothes…. By mid morning I just saw her running to the potty as I Sipped on my cup of tea and didn’t realise she had just had a poop on the potty  until she came to drag me to the potty to see her achievement as she clapped for herself saying well done.

It was such a joyful yet teary moment for me as you can imagine because my little girl was not little anymore. The first few days she continued to do her business on the potty but by the 3rd or 4th day we had graduated from little girl #potty school and started of using the big girl potty at her own initiative.

All I can remember is that we were having our arts and crafts time and I went into the kitchen to make us a midday snack when I popped my head to realise she was not there and I wondered what she was up to when I decided to sneak up on her.

I found her in the big girl potty room room trying to set up her big girl potty seat to my amusement. I helped her set it up and up she climbed onto the ladder and did her grown girl business.

Clapping for my little star, she truly makes me proud. We still use the small girl potty as well in the night time for when she wakes up and has to pee. So don’t get rid of yours either as it is still useful.

Just a bit of encouragement: If you are struggling with #pottytraining and feel like giving up, please persevere and keep at it and you will overcome…. feel free to inbox for tips……




images: courtesy of google images

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