Reasons Parents Probably Won’t Make Your Event, and Why You Don’t Want to Take it Personal…

I remember the day Patrice Robinson’s post went viral on social media as it made its rounds a few years back. After reading it, I realised how much many parents could relate to her frustrations and drew inspiration to compile a list of reasons from my perspective.

First and foremost let us begin by making something clear, i guess we can call this a disclaimer!

FYI: Dear Friends and Family, just in case you were not aware of this! Contrary to popular belief, majority of times, a parents inability to stay out late, or inability to attend your event is in no way a reflection on how they feel about you, they are not being snobby or unfriendly and i hope you can understand this. Unfortunately, a thing called life happens and lifestyle dynamics change vastly, which in turn means changes have to be made.

  1. Party Animals!

Yes, prior to having children some parents may have been party animals. However, they now have a thing called responsibilities. Yes, those little humans require a lot of attention and this usually means hanging your party animal days somewhere in the attic and out of sight to dry. (In other words they can’t party anymore). Don’t take offense, especially if you have not had any children yet.

2. Bed Time Routine!

Many people fail to understand that when you have little people, you may have routines set in place for stability and organisational purposes (or maybe even just for your own sanity). When these routines, just like work deadlines are missed, things start to go wrong. As if parenting isn’t hard enough, that you need that extra baggage of emotional and overly hyper children. So, please understand that when parents say we have to go or we cannot make that event because it gets in the way of bedtime routine. Be kind enough to understand.

P.s did you know that once a routine is broken, some children are really difficult (they could make you cry or go hide in the loo for a bit).

3. Tired or ill and can’t be bothered!

Yes, there are days when you know you had RSVP for an event with good intentions, but life happens and someone is ill or you’re exhausted and cannot be bothered, not because you’re rude and inconsiderate. Believe me, children can sometimes suck the life out of you. A day can start out okay or great and within a few minutes or hours can turn sour. That your presence at that event would just translate to party pooper. Therefore, sometimes it is better to just stay away!

    4. We don’t have a babysitter!

Sorry, but not sorry. There are only a handful of people I personally would entrust my child with, and if they are unavailable I will not jeorpadise my child’s safety for vanity. The amount of horror stories we now see in this digital age, of people abusing children they’ve been entrusted to look after!! I just cant take that risk, as neither would many responsible parents. (It’s not just an excuse, its the reality of the matter).

5. People actually DO have a financial budget and priorities!
Not to be rude, but for most people, that mortgage payment, council tax and all the other bills have to go out and yes there’s a pot set aside for fun things. However, I believe once you’re married with children, you’re more concerned with pleasing your family and that pot set aside for fun things, pays for those much need family vacations or even weekend breaks just for you and your beloved. Therefore, these things hold a higher value of importance than other things! However, this doesn’t mean we are not coming if we can. All i am trying to say is that, we have to learn to be understanding and have room in our hearts for tolerance to accommodate changes.

To conclude, most parents (including us) will honour as many invitations as possible. However, the odd few times when parents cannot honour them, due to reasons beyond their control, please do not beat them up over it. Just remember life happened. Keep the invitations coming!!

Love and blessings

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I was trying to figure out which blog this topic should go under, and decided that it fell more so into the “parental/family” category, so here goes!

Over the past weekend, we unfortunately missed at least two pretty important celebrations of life events for some of our closest friends (and Thankfully they are the type of people who understood the reasoning for our absence, and they’re ok…Everybody isn’t though). These were occasions that we were actually invited to, RSVPd for, and expected to attend. Then a little thing called LIFE happened, and our fun-filled weekend was replaced with a killer sinus headache, an exhausted Mommy, a sneezing/stuffy Daddy, trying to get a car battery replaced, a coloring book marathon with my 4-year old, and a massive poop explosion from the 11-month old tyrant! So…in all things typical of a writer, I decided to turn this experience into a special…

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