Oragnic Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

I have had many people requesting the shepherd’s pie recipe. It is not complicated just follow below;



500g of Organic Lamb mince

Small cup full of Organic peas

small cup-full of diced Organic carrots

Small cup full of swede

2 whole Red Organic onion diced

3 Organic garlic cloves finely chopped

Half teaspoon of mixed herbs

Fresh rosemary

2 sticks of Celery

Quarter teaspoon Organic sea-salt

A teaspoon full all purpose seasoning

Quarter teaspoon Organic turmeric

Base and Topping

  • 8-10 organic Maris-Piper potatoes

  • 2 teaspoons of unsalted organic butter

  • 100g organic grated Cheddar cheese

  • 60g fresh breadcrumbs

  • Half glass of whole organic milk

Preparing the Filling


Get your pot on your Hob on medium heat and add your mince to the pot and keep stirring for 3-5 minutes adding your mixed herbs, garlic, sea salt, turmeric, all purpose seasoning, onions, garlic and rosemary, you will begin to see excess water from your mix at this point, then add your carrots, swede, peas and adding the celery last. As the water begins to simmer and your mix is thoroughly cooked, add your two teaspoons of olive oil to the mix and let if simmer off but don’t let it dry. Once it is well done, let it cool.

Preparing the Base and Topping

Peel and roughly chop the potatoes and bring to boil adding a dash of salt. Once the potatoes are well done and tender, get rid of the excess water and add the butter and half the grated cheese. Mash well and cool completely (for flavour you can add a dash of white and black pepper in the mix)


Once your filling and topping is ready, simply add a thickish layer of mash at the base of your baking dish, then add your filling on the middle and top it off by adding another layer of mash to cover the toppings. After this is done finish off the topping by adding the bread crumbs and left over cheese to place in the oven for browning. You should end up with something like this;


You have yourself a shepherd’s pie 🙂

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