Okay. So I thought I should carry on where I last left off with my top 10 tips for travelling abroad with a toddler. Last time I stopped off at number 5, so lets check out what #Mummydiaries tips 6-10 will be.

#Mummydiaries tip 6:Jet Lag can be horrible, therefore always try and schedule your fly time understanding the different time zones. (see more tip 7b)

#Mummydiaries tip 7a: Buy a seat for your toddler:

I cannot stress enough on this point; Buy a seat on the plane for long trips. If you are travelling on a short haul flight and you have a toddler-infant, then you are okay to have them in your lap but it can still get very tiresome therefore I’ll always advocate for parents to just buy a seat for your toddler. You’ll thank me later 🙂

#Mummydiaries tip 7b: Consider your flying times:

When hubby and I are choosing our flying times, we always make sure to work around Didi’s nap/sleep time and depend also on the different time zones. Make sure that your transit times if you are on a connecting flight are short and sweet. the last thing you want is to wait for too long at an airport. Okay I know this can mean forking out a little more extra cash, and that is absolutely fine because the last thing you want is a tantrum filled irritable child. Not only will you get frustrated, but they too will sense your frustration and get further frustrated.

#Mummydiaries tip 8: Don’t forget the toys:

Never forget your toddlers toys, and no I do not mean bringing their whole toy box but 2-3 of their favourite toys should do the trick of keeping them mum and entertained. Normally depending on which airline you use, you do not need to bring crayons and a colouring book as they provide you with those however you may want to bring your toddlers #Ipad if they have one. (Don’t screw your face in shock) As a result of having a child, I am now more sympathetic/understanding and do accept a lot more what I would then call “wrong parenting” than I used to and I no longer say crazy things like, “my kid will never so much as gaze at an #IPad until they are at least 3 or something along those lines”.

#Mummydiaries tip 9: Eating

We never travel without our travel high chair and its always proven to be a wise decision. We realised not every single venue has high chairs and the last thing you want to make is an ignorant decision in assuming that you will get one everywhere you go. I remember our trip to Brussels at 2 of the restaurants we ate and how they didn’t have high chairs, and to say these were extremely expensive posh restaurants you would have thought otherwise… so make sure you take it with you.


Another great thing about travelling with a toddler is that by this age, you’re usually not dealing with bottles and baby food, so you’ll have very few “special” foods to carry around. I always make sure I bring sufficient bibs, spare clothes and Didi’s travel cutlery.

#Mummydiaries tip 10: Go Go Go!! I’ve heard some few friends and associates talk about their fear of flying with the little one and how daunting they think it is, but if you don’t do it then you will never know how easy it is and can become… My advise to you is simply GO. its not as scary as you think.Go make wonderful family memories, its awesome. Try it 🙂

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