Get Creative With Your Recycle Bin-Week 1 Jelly

Hey fellow Mummy and daddy’s this is simply an amazing idea from your recycling trash. Please follow heyaliblog, she has some amazing user friendly ideas you probably never imagined.

Hey Ali

recycled strawberry jelly 3

It always seems to surprise me the amount of recycling that piles up in our house on a weekly basis. Empty toilet rolls, cereal boxes, milk cartons, egg cartons..the list goes on. We keep a separate recycling bin in the kitchen, hidden away behind the door as it’s normally overflowing. I always set aside anything from the recycling bin that I think we could use for making something else. Sometimes it might be a craft idea for the kids that I save for a rainy day or other times it might just be an idea I have for something I could re-use around the house.

I really want to try and post more regularly on my blog so this is the beginning of my first ever mini series called ‘Get Creative With Your Re-cycle Bin’ hopefully this will help me to post one of these a week as I always work better to a schedule or deadline.

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