Mommy Diaries top 10 Tips for travelling Abroad with a Toddler – Part 1


#Mummydiaries tip 1: The first thing is to make your list of to-do things in advance, organised by subject area and type of activity, but also keep your days flexible (this is especially important because as long as your life involves a toddler, plans can change at any second). Toddler’s are always on the go with limited attention span, boundless energy, and need for naps, you will pat yourself on the back for getting organised with your list.

#Mummydiaries tip 2: Try to research in advance fun family things that you can all participate in whilst you are away on your travels, you can even try and find toddler groups depending on how long you are going for (for example if you are travelling away on business this may be good, because you do not want to get there and start wasting time trying to figure out what to do).

#Mummydiaries tip 3: Well before you even travel anywhere, deciding where you will book your stay is extremely important. I always say whatever you do, stay in an area where there’s lots to do within walking distance. This may seem obvious, but I have had friends who’ve learned the hard way. I don’t care how expensive it is to stay in a safe and easy to access city centre hotel but also quiet enough so its not a club filled district. Make sure shops are within the immediate vicinity and yes I know these kind of places do not come cheap but they are worth it. I remember our stay in Boston Marriott Copley place in the USA, we couldn’t have chosen a better place because when we went out for strolls, shopping and sight seeing; whenever Didi needed to nap, all we had to do was walk back to the hotel (believe me this came in handy.) I know some of you may roll your eyes here, but book a suite if you can afford it, you will thank me later. On all our travels, we book a suite because (believe me on this point)toddlers need room to run around and you do not want to be in a tight space where you cannot breathe.

#Mummydiaries tip 4: Before you even go anywhere, dust your stroller off and make sure that whatever the case, take it with you. If you are anything like Mr B “Hubby” and I, then you probably love exploring, My advice for you then is, let your little one nap in a stroller while you explore the city. Didi is not a wonderful sleeper in her travel cot, but has no problem napping in her stroller on the go. If you are also blessed enough to have a toddler who can nap in a stroller and in any position for a lovely long nap; make napping on the go the it thing when travelling.

#Mummydiaries tip 5: Pack light and bring only your essentials, buy or wash clothes while away so you can bring less, and buying disposable items (like diapers) at your final destination whenever possible.

Look out for the next 5 #mummydiaries tips in part 2 of this blog. Also be sure to visit my TheMommyDiariesUk Youtube channel where you will be able to view some footage from our trips and other random fun family and parenting videos.

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