Brussels Travel Review – Part 1


Most of the times when you hear the name Brussels, you automatically tend to associate it with Presidents, Business people and Dignitaries amongst many other important titles; after all, it is Europe’s Capital. I was shocked to find out that only a quarter of the six million people who visit Belgium’s capital each year come for pleasure, and of the many tourists who do visit Belgium; majority of them skip right over Brussels in their rush to see the scenic canals and cobblestones of nearby Bruges.

Okay I get it, Bruges is extremely lovely; however Brussels has unbelievably huge amounts of must see and get to know places worthy of exploring. The feeling I got when we arrived there was that the splendour and glory of Brussels is often overlooked by Brussels’ no-nonsense reputation as a major seat of international government.

Okay, so right before you strike off Brussels from your bucket list; let us put all that politics and government business aside and concentrate on Brussels intimate historic core, where centuries-old houses hug narrow cobblestone alleyways, neatly dressed waiters serve lunch on the terraces along the Place du Grand Sablon, and the mighty Gothic spire of the Hotel de Ville soars above Grand Place, one of Europe’s most magical squares. To the south are the curving facades and wrought-iron balconies of the city’s gracious Art Nouveau neighbourhood, while further north you’ll find the wide green lawns and vibrant blooms of the Botanic Garden. Art, history and culture are celebrated in over 100 museums throughout the city, featuring everything from delicate Belgian lace to musical instruments and vintage cars.

I will encourage you to pay it a visit and see for yourself.
Look out for Part 2 of my Brussels Review, where I will be sharing all the nitty gritty details on our hotel stay, restaurants, flying with the little one and expenditure.

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