Exciting Family Summer Plans


Today I was sat here looking at my calendar as I took a pause and starred outside as the sunshine was visible through my window and couldn’t help but feel that; the sunshine is making the summer holidays feel extremely close wouldn’t you agree?
In our house, we’re on a total summer countdown – We have quite a few things we would like to accomplish off of our bucket list and cannot wait for our first stop in Brussels, Belgium.
Firstly; some of you may be thinking goodness, its only Brussels! Well, then you have no idea…. I am a History fanatic; it was and still is one of my most loved subjects since High School. I love all things rich in history and culture. Lord knows and Mr B ‘Hubby’ that I can’t wait.
Secondly; after the past two years that our family have had (dealing with my health) those in the know, know that we deserve all things majestic, I say this as I laugh out loud (lol)because it is not really majestic, but either way, you learn to appreciate the small things in life that others take for granted. It is really lovely to sort of be out and about a little more than usual and just to be catered to as I recover.
Most of you will know and agree that being a parent is pretty full on. Of course it’s wonderful and special and all that sort of thing, but sometimes you do find yourself wondering what amazing things you might think of if you weren’t constantly thinking of the 500 things you need to do to keep a small person fed, clothed, educated, happy and healthy. Even with Mr B home now, sometimes it’s hard as “Didi” is very much attached and used to me more than her daddy.
Lastly; in as much as I’m excited about all of these things, if I’m truly, really and completely honest what I want right now – crave, almost – it’s some peace and quiet. I just want some time where everything stops. I would love to be in a place where it is tranquil and just take in that stillness although that is impossible with a toddler running around, I am hoping I can achieve it one of these days.

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