Ouija Boards for Kids??? I think NOT!!

PLEASE Read and share…

So where do i even begin with this one?

I came close to choking when I saw this. I am not sure what this world is coming to but, this is not just a game and certainly not harmless fun. No matter how much they or anyone tries to make this “CUTE”, This is very dangerous and certainly initiation at a young age in the name of “FUN”.

DON’T buy these for your kids; don’t play them as a game, PLEASE!! There are serious implications that come with certain decisions one makes in life and this is a road you do not want to take you and your family down. Some of you will say I’m over the top and paranoid but that’s far from it. Some of you will think this is scaremongering and crazy, but you can think I’m crazy all you want… Don’t start a fire you cannot put out.

Harmless Fun does not exist in my Vocabulary…. Call it what you may, but don’t say you have not been warned.


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