A Woman Pole Dancing with her baby!!!

Pole dancing mother and baby

It is so amazing how easy it is to have a preconceived idea about something or someone without knowing the full story.

Many people including myself could easily misinterprete the title of this blog because let’s be honest, Pole dancing  is usually associated with strip clubs or just a negative notion.

When I came across this video by chance, I didn’t know what to expect and decided to just take it for what it is (mother and baby fitness) without attaching the already negative perceptions of pole dancing.

Women already go through enough scrutiny whether it be about breastfeeding or baby wearing which the world chooses to associate with being weird or a loner who needs help (completely wrong views).

I guess everyone has their own way of keeping fit and this is her way to help strengthen her core. What’s your favourite way of keeping fit?


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