Children’s Tylenol maker to plead guilty for knowingly selling tainted drugs

Maker Of Children’s Tylenol Contaminated With Metal Particles Pleads Guilty.

A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a federal criminal charge that it sold over-the-counter infant’s and children’s liquid medicine containing metal particles.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, acknowledged failing to take corrective action after discovering the adulterated bottles of Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin. The company agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the case.

Metal particles, including nickel, iron and chromium, were introduced during the manufacturing process at McNeil’s plant in Fort Washington. Prosecutors said McNeil knew about the problem for nearly a year but failed to take immediate steps to fix it.

For my UK readers Tylenol is an equivalent of Calpol and Motrin is like Nurofen. Imagine someone knowingly poisoning your child in the name of profits and paying their way out like it’s ok!!!!! SAD and UNACCEPTABLE

The worst part is that even after realising that the medicine was tainted as far back as 2009 the company continued to sell the products. It is so disheartening that some children have suffered due to greedy people who would rather make a profit through pharmaceuticals than correct things and avoid deaths.

I know some folk choose to remain in the ignorant ages “pharmaceutical companies would never endanger our lives over profits….” Yet once again this just goes to prove how profits are important over our children even if it means cutting corners to make a quick profit.. For those who think this is ok, try putting yourselve’s in Joshua’s parents shoes. A 4 year old who died after one dose of infant Tylenol!!!

This is not to say all pharmaceuticals are bad but to warn you to be more careful and awake to the fact that YES Some companies/governments would rather take in high profits even if harm comes to your child and yes even if it means collateral damage and shutting whistle blowers up.

It is a cold cruel world out there and this is not scaremongering except honest facts.

take care of you and yours.


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