Our experience travelling with a baby



I remember in my much younger days as a teen on some of my travels as babies were screaming their lungs out, I think it was only humanly of us as passengers to sometimes misguidedly inwardly utter to self “goodness that baby is too noisy”. But as much as human nature would allow us the capacity to think that far, I for one would personally find my self correcting that thought pattern as I also sympathised with the mothers and fathers because I knew it possibly couldn’t be easy for them to travel with either an infant or toddler.

Fast forward to 2015, I am now a parent myself. My husband and I together with our little one just recently just got back from our first international family holiday and that got me thinking of blogging about our experience travelling together. Firstly can I just say what an experience it was. So we arrived at Heathrow Airport and went to bag drop only to find out all planes had been grounded because of systems failure and therefore all bag drops could not be processed any longer and never mind that we were not travelling light as we had the stroller and car seat plus all our luggage.

Anyway we were told by the check-in attendant that we could go wait in the lounge because our flight was not leaving and that she would come call for us once she knew the status of our flight, but we knew sitting around with a baby would not work for us as everything at Heathrow was becoming chaotic and not only that but the information she was giving us as far as I was concerned was not adding up and just as well that my gut was telling me otherwise because in all that chaos I then saw the manager checking in a lady who was on the same flight as us to Boston because our flight was actually leaving.

I told my husband I was going to talk to the manager and see what she could do for us and what a lovely lady she was, she got all our bags processed and we proceeded to security check. If I  had not been persistent and followed my gut, we would have missed our flight. Fast forward to boarding our flight and the journey itself, our LO was such a darling the whole way through. I remember as we disembarked and this older couple came up to us to praise us about how amazing we did as young parents and how this was their first quiet and well behaved baby experience in all the years they had been travelling.

Our flight was a 6 hour flight in total and we only did two wet nappy changes and thank God no poop changes. We made sure we had sufficient milk, snacks, her two favourite toys and also downloaded the #babytv app with all her favourite cartoons. Look out for the final part to this blog, where I will also share my travel check-list.

Much love


Image: google images

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