I can not believe it! My little bumble bee’s 1st birthday is a few hours away {sniff, sniff}. It’s amazing and yet unbelievable how fast one year has flown by! It honestly does seem like yesterday that I was rocking her in my arms to sleep at night and now she’s almost walking. It has been a beautiful couple of months regardless of everything, watching her grow into the person she is fast becoming has been total bliss and I’m savouring every last moment of her pre-one year; before I can say she’s ONE now!! Whatever the case may be and no matter how older she gets with time, I have kind of decided that she’s still and will always be my little baby forever!

I just want to take this opportunity to be the first to wish my lovely princess a beautiful happy birthday…. my whole life changed on that day 21-11-2013 when you came into my life. My journey into pregnancy was not an easy one…. If it had not been for God who was on our side, we both wouldn’t be here today and those who know what this journey was like can testify to this hence why I am more than grateful to have you and thankful to God for such a blessing.

Your daddy and I love you very much and we can’t wait to spoil you with loads of presents in the morning when you wake up.



#thebigone #firstbirthday #1stbirthday #specialday #happybirthday #toddlerhood #alwaysbemybaby

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