I hate Spectra Dew 350!!

I hate spectra dew were the words I read from one reviewer out of hundreds which got me very curious about the brand because as many of you know, I previously blogged about my Medela pump which I spent quite a bit of money on and yet gave up its ghost only after a very brief encounter.

Anyway maybe I am speaking too soon about this one too and my own words may soon come back to bite me, but that’s something I’m ok with for now. So I decided to give spectra dew 350 a go because it said on the product description that it was a hospital grade pump, it had excellent reviews mainly minus the one horrible review and best if all I found one at £197.98 on sale yay compared to the normal price of about £399.00.

Allow me to say I LOVE SPECTRA DEW 350. I can pump 200ml’s in 10 minutes somebody say Hallelujah 🙂

On another note my DD is 9 weeks today. Yay 🙂 Amazing how quickly they grow especially considering that she was a preemie.

Have a pleasant day


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