Moses Basket Disaster

If I could I would turn back hands of time to that day I purchased this Moses basket, then I would.

Before my DD was born, I remember my sister telling me that a Moses basket for the most part was not so wise an investment as she had also been advised by other mommies due to the fact that a lot of babies tend to not like them and neither did her DS. Furthermore from others experience not only did LO’s not like them but a lot of mommies were complaining that their LO’s do not sleep in them and therefore the Moses basket ended up becoming like an ancient artifax for show.

Anyway my sisters advise came a tad bit late as i had already purchased it and it just looked too cute and I had grown to love it, besides thinking about the hassle that is involved in returning goods I couldn’t be asked and so decided to keep it.

Our bundle of joy was born and she just never got on with it. I really loved and really wanted to work with this basket and for it to work for us, but it just didn’t happen. Everything I envisioned about my sweet little sleeping baby turned to my ever crying baby. We ended up only using the basket for 2 weeks maximum and it being a long forgotten memory. The basket hasn’t been used at all to be honest and I am thinking of giving it away, maybe someone else’s baby will get on with it better.


3 thoughts on “Moses Basket Disaster

  1. Oh no now I’m worried George won’t like his I don’t have that kind of money to waste. Maybe its because the babies can’t stretch out, there is so much I still don’t know. Him not liking it didn’t even pop into my head.

    1. Try it out and see if he likes it. From my own experience, that of my sister and from chatting with other mommies it would appear that they too have had problems. DH and I have said if there is a next time, then we will either go straight into the cot or start with a crib. We wasted 99pounds on ours and she probably at most used it for 2weeks other than that she cried excessively in it. Thinking of donating it to charity instead of it just laying around and taking up room.

      1. I will fingers crossed he does but I guess If doesn’t I’ll get the wee man a cot or a crib. I payed £54.99 from mother care on mine I’d have a heart attack if I wasted £99..But some other wee baby may get good use out of it if your giving it to charity that’s a really lovely idea 🙂 I wish I had of known before I bought it being my first baby and all, thank you very much for your help ❤

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