When Medical Staff Patronise…..

I just have to vent a little today.

Don’t you just hate it when some (I can’t say all because that would be biased and dishonest) medical staff treat you like a dummy who knows nothing. This is not limited to medical professionals only, but for now that’s what and whom I do want to talk about.
Anyway so today was mine and DD’s 6 week postnatal check up and off we went to the GP’s where we then got referred onto the hospital only to meet patronising Dr’s.

Anyway so before I met the Dr’s, the nurse did a brilliant job and did my ob’s and then the Dr eventually came into the examination room. After explaining what I was going through and clearly handing the referral letter from my GP it felt to me as though I was not an individual with her head screwed on perfectly, standing in front of them.

Without noticing the impact of their actions, they carried on ignoring the fact that I know my body and therefore if something isn’t right I know it and they even managed to ignore their peers referral letter and said to me there was nothing they could do for me and even tried to patronise me by telling me what it is they think I am feeling. Like hello!!!!

Never mind that, they even tried to prescribe me meds without running any tests of any sort, and were pretty much doing guess work as though I was their guinea pig. I respect anyone and everyone in their field of expertise but not at the cost of my life. Just because you are a Dr and went to medical school it does not mean that you know it all and that you are always right. Sometimes (not always) the patient knows best and its good even for Dr’s to pay attention to what it is the patient is saying instead of making up in your mind that you know what the patient is saying just because of stubbornness and a medical degree.

Anyway so after clearly being ignored by the first Dr’s I saw, my GP (thank God for her) managed to get another Dr to check on me and he managed to properly check on me. I think some medical staff need to step away from this uptight mentality of I know it all and realise that some patients are well read too and come well prepped for their check ups.

Rant over


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