Epidural and Severe Back Pain.

I don’t know if I am the only one but do please allow me on this occasion to make an assumption although it is something I hate and prefer not to do. Ever since having an Epidural my lower back has had issues and not been quite the same. Any little tweak or lifting (and by lifting i simply mean lifting DD as i am very careful and very particular) seems to make the pain excruciatingly worse.

The pain is just always there and seems to just linger around. I have tried heat which seems to help but only for a while and sitting for more than an hour is now not an option…. I’m assuming this isn’t normal right? Your input would be much appreciated today as going Docs for my 6 week check with LO. Please feel free to message back or comment. I always enjoy reading your messages and try my best to respond to everyone AMAP. I look forward to hearing from you all.


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5 thoughts on “Epidural and Severe Back Pain.

  1. I am very glad I read your post . I am planning on NO epidural for my delivery… I already suffer from back pain due to
    Being large chested and my career ( dental hygienist ), this makes me steer further away. I hope the pain and discomfort subsides soon 😉 happy Friday

    1. I don’t blame you for not wanting one. I had no choice as I had a c-section. But although it is causing me all these issues still try and stay open minded about it just in case you can’t bare the pain of natural birth.

  2. I have 3 kids now and my last one was born 3 years ago and my back has gotten worse i cant sit for too long i cant stand for too long i cant walk for too long i have an appointment with Triangle Orthopeidics on tuesday so i hope to get some answers then the ER iave had trips there but they cant tell me anything i wish u the best and hope u feel better soon!

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