Has anyone else’s preterm baby had issues with infrequent bowel movement?

My little miss was born premature/preterm and has been on breast milk almost from birth but her first night. She has been fine all along until she turned 4 weeks old thats when the problem has started. She used to do her toilet even up to 5 times a day and then it went down to 3 times a day.

Lately for one reason or another unknown to me, she seemed to have slowed down and hasn’t been again for the past 8 days. I had tried home remedies i.e. Prune juice diluted in milk which seemed to have worked the very first time but not the second. I then tried Lactulose as prescribed by the Dr which worked on the day and not again. Which led me to research constipation in preem babies.

I was surprised to find out that constipation is a big problem in preterm babies and the reason being that their gut muscle is not fully developed therefore sometimes/quite a lot of times leading to infrequent bowel movement.
Dr has currently prescribed something different from lactulose let’s hope it works, fingers crossed.

If anyone has any tricks that worked for them whether with a term or preterm baby that might help us, please let us know as she is only 6 weeks and hate to see her suffer. So far nothing has helped her go on her own, I’ve tried Infacol, Gripe Water and exercises recommended by the midwife in order to help her go and nope hasn’t worked.

p.s My diet hasn’t changed and therefore can’t be that. Can anyone help? Has anyone else who had a preemie had this issue?

BTW: If the new prescription works I shall report back…. Otherwise looking forward to your responses. Feel free to inbox or comment.


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