Week 8 Immunisations??

I will briefly summarise what I read today about vaccines as I have been contemplating about week 8 immunisations for my LO as the time for them is fast approaching. I was reading an article by Amy Parker the link to which I have inserted at the end of this post, where she was talking about growing up unvaccinated with an extremely healthy diet yet ill all the time.

I have read so much about the different vaccines and yet still find myself torn in the middle as to whether or not to have LO immunised. There is so much literature/research out there expressing both pros and cons of either decision and it bugs me that making this decision just can’t be straight forward and easy. I’m sure many parents like myself and DH would like to make well informed decisions that will be good for our LO currently and in the near future.

I would really love to hear from other mommies and mommies to be about your thoughts towards vaccines of any sort but more especially week 8 ones. Feel free to leave a comment or to email me back.


Growing Up Unvaccinated

Growing Up Unvaccinated

“I had the healthiest childhood imaginable. And yet I was sick all the time.” Amy Parker

*Image courtesy of google search.

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