Dad’s and Pregnancy. What are your views??

Last week I was having an interesting conversation with another mommy where she shared that when she was pregnant she felt that her husband was not much involved or rather didn’t show much interest in helping with choosing nursery furniture, baby toys, clothes etc…. or even just showing an interest by suggesting things that pertained to the baby up until she confronted him about it…. She asked me what my experience has been so far in my pregnancy. I found this conversation very interesting and decided to research and write on it.

Based on interactions and reading my findings on common trends/patterns picked up is that when it comes to dad’s and pregnancy as much as pregnancy is a special time, sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming for them and that they feel very left out or confused and just don’t know how to deal with the pregnancy. Remember they aren’t pregnant and carrying the physical attribute that comes with pregnancy. Sometimes they are not sure whether they are saying the wrong or right thing and would rather shut up and go in a shell. However this is not to say all dad’s are the same.

I would hate to stereotype, sound biased and place all men in one box because there are some dad’s out there who get it right from the word go and find it easy to jump into the paternal role and get involved hands on. If you’re a dad, share what you did to be a part of pregnancy. Moms, share what he did that worked or didn’t work. Share Your Advice



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Please repost and share with others as your feedback is very important.

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