Milestone Baby Cards :) Yay

Okay so you can sense the excitement in my words I guess, although they say never try to read the tone in a text writing as it can be very deceiving. Well this time around if you sensed excitement, you sensed it right. This excitement all stems from these…..

Milestone Baby Cards

Milestone Baby Cards

If you are anything like me it would mean you like to document everything from successes to failure. I try and make time to journal everything I can while I can. However while I may have that little bit of liberty to do so I also realise that some parents are extremely not at liberty to do so, and therefore may find these awesome cards useful.

I was browsing around on the internet and came across these cards and totally got sold to the idea of them and felt I should share with you all. If you are a busy mommy and daddy and have no time to journal but would love to record your little ones milestones, then this my friends maybe the way to go.Not only are they affordable but they are so creative and colourful. I cant wait to order them in readiness for when my little one arrives.

They are kind of cute aren’t they.

Have a lovely day.



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