Which diaper is better recommended??

Which #diaper is better recommended? #Cloth diapers, #Pampers or #Huggies just to name a few is the question that has been on my mind. As a first time mommy to be it can be very daunting reading all kinds of reviews, the good the bad and ugly too therefore getting confused in that maze.

Talking to some mommy’s I noticed they were totally sold to the idea/reality of cloth diapers, they said It is good to weigh all options instead of just assuming disposable diapers are the default choice. Because not only will Cloth diapers save parents loads of money, but also that they’re much better for the environment, they’re healthier for your baby and possibly encourage little ones to #potty train faster! That sounded all great and upon doing some on-line research many seem to agree.

However. I really wanted to weigh a couple of options and get some more views on other forms of diapers by brand and did on-line research and also spoke to other mommy’s and their experiences with the many different brands available on store shelves, I soon realised that there was no conclusive answer as to which brand was the best and everyone seems to have their own story of either success or failure regardless of brand name.

So I have decided that I want to try cloth diapers, pampers, huggies and any ordinary store brand basic diaper when my little one is born and see which one the baby will get on best with and also which one I will like best and will revisit this post and write my review on the different findings of the different brands I will use. For now I would like to hear your views/opinions on the different forms of nappies and what your favourites are and why? I very much look forward to hearing from you all.





2 thoughts on “Which diaper is better recommended??

  1. Nowaday,new parents would like to choose reusable diapers to their babies.cause it is made of soft and breathable,environmental materials.Preventing baby’s skin suffer from diaper rash.Keeping the delicate skin all day breathable and comfortable.Not only environment and health,but also economics,for the property of reusable.It is really good gifts for parents and babies.Any interesting,welcome to visit http://www.mewbaby.com ,email and skype mewbaby@hotmail.com Vivian.

    1. Hi vivian.

      Thank you for your lovely feedback. I have been sent a reusable diaper to sample and review by another seller and cannot wait till baby is born so we can trial and rave and blog about it. I will be sure to visit your site today. Hopefully you ship internationally.

      Thank you for the link

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