Sonogram Fun :)

Well, I had an appointment with my Obstetrician (Ob) last week and can I just say the best Ob ever and cannot believe how fast this is going, although sometimes it feels like forever at the same time!!  The appointment went great, although during my little wait I was sat next to a lady who started holding a conversation with me. At first I was really enjoying her stories up until she just wouldn’t stop complaining about how she was about to start the weekly appointments as she is soon due for delivery!
Goodness gracious me I yawned at her constant nagging as I thought of all I have had to endure so far with my pregnancy and yet she had at her own words had a smooth sailing pregnancy yet still had the audacity to moan about a weekly appointment. Anyway I politely listened to her complain and gently asked her ‘would you rather a 2.5 month stay in hospital or a mere 4 weeks of weekly appointments before you are delivered? What is the point of complaining when you are already at the end of the road? Anyway so whilst I saw my Ob I had an ultrasound and wanted to share one of my many sonograms.
Can I just say how much I enjoy seeing that little person jumping around inside of me, it is such an awesome feeling, the best most exhilarating site to behold as it leaves me  full of joy and curiosity as to what the little munch-kin will look like!

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