In my native Country of Malawi the Chichewa word for pregnancy, ‘wa pakati’, can be translated to mean 50-50 and rightly so where pregnancy is concerned or at least in my experience with pregnancy. 


Pregnancy is an interesting journey, for most almost like a roller-coaster ride  where you either love it, hate it or are indifferent to it. I have not yet decided in which category I fall into regardless of the many complications I have had with mine ‘ A story I will care to share eventually’ which leaves me fascinated as to who came up with the Chichewa word ‘wa pakati’ and why? Could it be that pregnancy is a 50/50 journey with no guarantees or certainties, therefore you are always stuck in the middle unaware of the many wonderful or not so wonderful possibilities that can turn to reality at any stage between that first week to your fortieth or so week hence why it being referred to in Chichewa as ‘wa pakati’. Perhaps a 50/50 chance of many unfathomable possibilities I wonder?

While I am left in thought in my wonderland the one thing I unquestionably can not deny is the fact that regardless of where any one woman is situated in the four corners of the earth, I believe we can all come to an agreement that pregnancy can not be approached with a one size fits all mentality something I have learnt very well within my interaction with the wonderful women I befriended or had conversations with within my hospital stay during most of my pregnancy.

From the many fascinating stories I heard whilst in hospital, I gathered that Pregnancy for some is such a walk in the park and very easy that they keep producing children like a chocolate factory which reminded me of Charlie and the chocolate factory ‘Chocolate everywhere’ or think skittles yet for some it is like that scene in the green mile where you are taking your last journey to a land of the unknown except when you finally get there you don’t ever want to do it again and for the other percentage in the middle are like willows and just go with the tidal wave or ” just going with the flow” as others would say or spontaneity to some degree I guess.

So whilst it was fascinating and enlightening to learn about the experiences of other women who are not yet or already are mothers, stories of which I will of course share. I am also left fascinated about the wonders of me being pregnant that never cease, I am also left waiting and anticipating my bundle of Joy’s arrival as I curiously start to daydream about what it will be like to one day soon officially become a parent. I am enjoying each day as I learn something new about self throughout this journey whilst also quickly becoming aware of the fact that being pregnant and becoming a mother is a giant step in one’s life.

There’s a lot of experiences out there,and I look forward to hearing all about your real life experiences and sharing them with other mommy’s and daddy’s . Feel free to share your experiences whether good or bad. Please spare some time and email us your story: mommydiariesofficial@gmail.com and change someone’s life somewhere in the world today.



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